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Is philosophy relevant to the 21st Century? Why?

Posted by Philosophy Foundation on November 16, 2011

Obviously The Philosophy Foundation and its supporters think that the answer to this is a resounding YES!

But on World Philosophy Day (this year held on November 17th) we want to hear as many different reasons from our readers and friends as possible. So we are handing over to you. Tell us why you this philosophy is relevant to the 21st Century. And as this is philosophy we’d also welcome thoughts on why philosophy is not relevant today.


One Response to “Is philosophy relevant to the 21st Century? Why?”

  1. anonemiss said

    The real question should be: Is the 21st Century relevant to Philosophy?

    I think the problems facing humanity in the current century is caused by a lack of understanding and study of philosophy (read my blog for detailed discussion, look at the articles under Science tag).

    I have a feeling the 21st will be similar to the 14th century: a philosophical blank.

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