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In this blog I plan to look at how philosophy can help us in our lives by doing two things: reflecting philosophically on my own life as it happens, and trying to offer guidance for others to do the same.

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  1. Hi, I am currently writing an essay exploring the term ‘aporia’ and an unpublished article you wrote entitled ‘Does the demonstration with the slave boy in the Meno [dialogue] prove anything?’ has been a useful contextual device. I recieved it from a friend and I wondered if you didn’t mind me citing it or if you wanted to add anything? I have used it as an introduction to Socrates’ use of aporia to guide the boy’s learning in ‘Meno’ but also to question whether this is true aporia (or ‘no path’) in a general sense if it is ‘artificial’ (created for the boy’s benefit) and ultimately removeable or passable with Socrates’ guidance. It is certainly aporetic for the boy, but is reliant on ‘priori’ knowledge (if I am using the term correctly) which Socrates is required to both create and pass the ‘blocked path’.

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